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To be an altar server is a special honor and a great privilege in the Catholic Church. Altar servers today can trace their roots or genealogy to the order of Acolyte, a ministry that once was reserved only for those who were going to be ordained priests. One can look upon being an altar server as a special and unique ministry by which you, a young person, can help to spread the word and the love of Christ through your actions and words. It is not difficult to be an altar server, but there are some things that you must know and remember.



If you are interested in having your child participate as an altar server, please contact the rectory.






  • All servers are expected to be at the Church 10-15 minutes before mass begins.

  •  All servers are expected to fulfill their assigned times to serve.

  • All servers are to sign in when they serve.

  •  All servers are expected to find their own replacement at mass if they cannot make it for whatever reason;

  •  All servers are expected to wear "Sunday clothes" at the weekend masses (no flip flops or shorts) Wear clean shoes, black shoes preferred. If you wear sandals wear them with socks never bare feet.
    Select your alb. The alb should be long enough to come to the top of your shoes. Remember your alb is a sacred vestment and should be treated as such.

  •  All servers are expected to hang up their vestments after mass.

  •  All servers are expected to pay attention to the priest during mass.

  •  All servers are expected to serve at funerals and weddings when asked.

  • All servers are expected to know and say the appropriate responses throughout the mass.


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